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This being the very first one I am starting on a topic many of you can relate to; Mothers.

Normally my mom isn’t that bad but she is just SO STUPID confussed all the time. I don’t mean the ‘she forgets to pick me up once in awhile’ but borderline RETARDED silly. She doesn’t understand half of the things I talk about with her and 1/4 of the other time everything she says has NOTHING to do with the current conversation. In fact most of the time I have to treat HER like the child.

No matter what she ends up ranting about this building she owns which my father has stated multiple times that it doesn’t matter if we make a penny but NOO she wants a small fortune for it and wont stop complaining about how it wont sell. She barely does anything for it as well! I don’t get what she does all day.

This WOULD might not be so bad if maybe her stories were interesting and not the same thing, however every story she has hasn’t changed since the time I was 5 and I’ve heard them so much I can quote them. EVEN MY FRIENDS CAN. It’s not like I haven’t tried explaining this to her, but whenever I do she ignores me then continues on to finish her story!

She also can’t use computers for the life of her, so she asks ME (not either of my brothers) to post things online for her. She is also one of the most annoying people to work with, always changing her mind last minute so a paragraph takes about 3 HOURS with her. I told her that I didn’t want to do anymore ads for her but then she goes ON AN ON about how she doesn’t want my brothers to do them (although my father can just fine, he probably wouldn’t though, I dont get how he’s put up with her all this time). Along with this, she’s decided to but an internet block on the computer that runs from 9am-3pm, and 11:30pm-6am on weekdays, which she forgot the password to. That means that I cannot use this computer for school, and my labtop (my baby which I miss dearly) is still being fixed.

I would like to state that I love my mother very much and I would never want anything bad to happen to her. I just wish she would act a little more mature at times. I probably sound a little bi-polar.