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Topic: Stupid Drama

I’ll admit it, I like some drama. I am a bit enthusiastic, and I believe a little bit of drama is entertaining. Without some it’d be the same thing every day and I think I’d go insane. Drama isn’t just fighting.

It’s STUPID drama I don’t like. Stupid drama includes but is not limited to:

– rumors

– on and off relationships (this includes 3+ breakups)

– getting into fights over things that are dumb (like having the same shirt as someone)

-lying/over-exaggerating family drama to gain sympathy

I wish people would stop this but no,

To lie about something as serious as being abused as a child, or to say your parents don’t love you when they obviously do is horrible. There are a lot of people in the world who deserve that sympathy and need help much more than you do.

So to those people: Grow the fork up, get a life, and don’t you dare say you were hit when you weren’t. And f.y.i., no he/she DIDN’T do that, so stop saying they did.

Thank You