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How things can change in a heartbeat. Y’know what I mean?

Like here in Canada, it was so cold for the longest time, but all of a sudden, we have absolutely atrocious humidity here and it’s terrible. Imagine the very furthest depths of hell, and then multiply it by 10 and add 2. That’s how hot it is.

Or how in LOTRs, in the battle for Helms Deep, everything was so dire and hopless, but then the Rohirrim showed up at first light on the fifth day from the East, and slaughtered the Orcs and the impending doom.

Or in Harry Potter, how it went from being almost like a normal camping trip, but suddenly, the book actually picked up a plotline (zing)!

But ya. As long as the changes are good, though. Not lame like a duck which happens to be more than just figuratively lame.