I am about to explain this blog and the post that I made earlier.

imnotamisandristbut is a tumblr that appears to be a site that is all in on the women’s rights movement! The author seems like a total misandrist, a hardcore feminist!

But… No. What this tumblr is all about is drawing attention to points of view that may be offensive, crude, or downright wrong.

Take this one for example, the one I posted about earlier:

Look, okay. So you get a pencil sharpener that has sharpened like a hundred pencils, that’s a really good pencil sharpener, right? Doin’ its job. But then if you get a pencil that’s been sharpened like a hundred times, it’s just this stupid little stub. Probably has a flat eraser.

I’m not a misandrist. I’m just saying, boys: nobody likes dull pencils.

This one is drawing attention to the lock and key saying. The problem which this one is bringing to attention is that if a woman has a lot of sex, she is a slut. If a man has a lot of sex, he is a total stud and hero to mankind.

And that is the problem. The fact that two genders can do the exact same thing, but one is viewed negatively, while the other is praised highly.

The alteration which imnotamisandristbut created gives the exact opposite perspective.

Man + Lots of sex = BAD!

Woman + Lots of sex = GOOD!

And here is the thing, imnotamisandristbut isn’t saying which version is right and which is wrong, or that both are sluts or both are heroes. It is simply drawing attention to a problem which affects many people.

So I am sorry to everyone who got the wrong idea, or who became confused, or angry, or anything like that! I posted this because it is drawing attention (in what think is a humorous way) to a current issue.

I guess it might be time for a vote (even though this is a personal blog and one should be able to post what they wish as no one is being forced to read anything on here in particular).

I’ll create a poll once this has been posted.




Once again, sorry that people misunderstood/became confused/hate me 5EVUR/etc.