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Here’s how to hold back tears!!

  1. Try not to think about what is causing the pain. Think of other things; for example a time when you were having a good time with your family and friends.
  2. Walk away from the situation before you start to cry, but only if it’s appropriate for you too. For example: It would be appropriate to walk away in a park, but you can’t walk away from your wedding!

  3. Hold your eyes open wide and don’t blink very often. It is easier to keep the tears from starting than it is to stop them after they begin to fall.

  4. While not moving your head, look up with your eyes. It is almost impossible to cry when you do this.

  5. Hold your breath for 20-30 seconds, then very slowly release the breath.

  6. Pinch yourself somewhere or gently bite your tongue with your teeth to re-direct your attention to a localized, controllable physical pain.

  7. Relax your jaw. This may seem weird, but it does help. Don’t tighten your jaw, just relax. Open it once or twice, maybe.

  8. Widen your focus to include a bird’s eye view of the situation, and see that it’s just a small event amongst everything that is going on in the whole world and it will soon pass.

  9. Do give yourself time privately to cry about this specific trigger as well as generalized feelings of sadness or fear that you may have. If you are all bottled-up, you will likely be more prone to crying in public or in situations where you would rather not cry.

  10. Sometimes people don’t know that they are hurting you. If you don’t let them know by crying, let them know in some other way or stay out of this type of situation if you can.

  11. Relax your throat.

  12. Think happy thoughts. It might even make you laugh!

  13. Make sure you need to hold back tears in a given situation. Keeping a “stiff upper lip” out of vanity or stubbornness can be exhausting. Letting people see that you are human can make relationships closer and help others feel more connected to and empathetic with you.

  14. Distract yourself. Wherever you are at the time, look at the walls and think of the color of them, and say in your mind “white walls” or look at the grass and think “green grass.” This can often help keep the tears from slipping out!

  15. Think of how you are going to get over the situation. Sometimes (most times) running away from the problem will make getting over it harder to do later.

  16. Look calm. if all eyes are on you and your boss or teacher scolds you, loosen your face, look straight and away (i.e. not into anybody’s face). Give no expressions, a smiling face could offend them and a sad face would just lead to tears. Imagine the situation to be a movie shoot, it would make it easier for you to look calm
    This is perhaps one of the most relevant things I have found all week (you see, I am a total crybaby and I am sick of it!!).