They make it seem like the most horrendously impossible workload, and tell you that the teachers could not give less of a shit about you.

And holy shit they are so wrong.

Maybe times have changed… Maybe high school teachers are liars.

As long as you’re going into something that you enjoyed in high school, no matter how much work you have to do, it is doable and hell, sometimes it’s even a little bit of fun.

I had a worse time in French in grades 9-11 than I’m having in my university level economics and business. I look forward to my Great Battles class, and I don’t mind my Business Enviroment class because the teacher explains things in such a way that I have enough time to make notes, and make them good ones too.

The only class that I actually despise is accounting, but hey that’s because it’s at 7am and I have a firm belief that they teacher comes to us straight from the crypt every morning. It’s not because it’s a hard class.

I know that I’m behind on some of my readings, but I do have lots of time between classes to catch up. I have also been sick for little over a week and the cotton brain was not helping with my drive to do school work.

I’ve now realised that this is a bit of a rambling post, and that’s because I’m itching to get back to my econ textbook and I’m plenty distracted by it, so I’ll just end it off with one last statement:

First year is not meant to weed out the weak, the teachers give a minimum of one shit about you, and you shouldn’t be afraid of what comes after high school. It’s just more homework.