While in the past seasons (1-3) of Misfits there were times that I’d squee and laugh and cry, the two episodes that had the most effect on me were the two in season 4 that really centred around Rudy in some way.

Honestly if you don’t think that Joseph Gilgun is a talented actor, you need to watch Misfits S4E03 and S4E08. Kudos to the writers as well.

He seems like such a tool in the beginning of the season (much like the 3rd one), but when the third Rudy is introduced, Gilgun takes on an entirely different role. While before he played the part of the dick and the wuss, he now fills the act of the hardcore cruel, yet passionate, Other-Other Rudy, a completely different personality.

And it was impressive. I was glued to the screen until the very end, he was so convincing. I was almost upset by how it ended, actually. I really like Other-Other Rudy.

The next episode that properly concentrates on Rudy is the 8th episode of the 4th season. The writers re-introduce Nadine, the pretty blonde from the previous episode, and show another side of Rudy. All of a sudden he is a caring individual who (almost surprisingly) has a heart that actually feels love. At this point, after developing a deep appreciation for this character (and how he was acted), I was really rooting for these two lovebirds.

Of course, Misfits writers really hate letting it’s viewers be happy for too long, and like the premature departure of Nathan, they ripped my heart out whilst simultaneously ripping out Rudy’s. I had only just recovered from the loss of Curtis (thanks Finn, totally not your fault at all), and now I have to suffer from the loss of a happy ending for another season (remember Simon’s unbreakable loop from season 3?).

I’ll admit it, I was bubbling like a baby come the end of the episode. The look of absolute loss broke me. The character development for Rudy was quite good, IMHO, seeing as there has been so little of it for anyone else, save Simon and Future!Simon.

So basically I’m incredibly happy that Rudy comes back in the 5th season, and I’m praying to God that he gets some sort of happy ending. Joseph Gilgun’s broken-hearted face is too much.