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“Number Four: Jaqen H’gar (Tom Wlaschiha) – A woman must have a name! A woman must fall in love with those hypnotic eyes and accent! A woman really loves it when you talk in third person.JAquen Hgar Sex 300x300

“The mysterious Jaqen H’gar makes his appearance towards the final portion of Season I. I’m glad they added him – he brings a secret, aloof sexiness to criminals everywhere. That is, if that is what Jaqen H’gar really is? After all, a man needs a name. A man has two companions. A man has a thirst. We know little of Jaqen H’gar.

“Um, well let me just clarify something, Jaqen: a woman has spent countless nights drowning in the blue depths of your eyes. A woman has had a smile a mile wide on her face. A woman becomes extremely excited when you grace the screen with your magentic presence. I almost wished that Arya was old enough to go away with him….to be enthralled by him, to become his significant other. Can you imagine both Arya and Jaqen, together as members of the Faceless men order?! Dynamite! Not to mention if Arya was old enough, they would be a couple. (Can you imagine how good looking their children would be?! It’s insane!)

“He’s an assassin. He’s a stranger. He has powers. He comes from narrow sea. Makes me want to get on a boat and sail to the free cities in Pentos. Because a woman wants to see more of Jaqen H’agar in the future. A woman is spellbound.”

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