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#let me tell you something about this scene okay #her little pause before she says ‘and the baby’ #like she’s not sure if she’s going to say it #but then she figures okay why not say it I’ve got nothing left to lose #and that little smile on her face when she does #because for all the heartache she’s feeling right now and has felt since she and the Doctor were separated #there’s this one thing that will always keep them together #but then the Doctor says ‘you’re not…?’#it’s this look of sheer terror and sadness on his face #that is not the face of a man who thinks the woman he loves is pregnant with another man’s child #he thinks she’s pregnant with his child #and now she’s trapped in a parallel world where he will never be able to reach her #but if she’d told him right then and there that she was pregnant with his child he would have torn both universes apart to get to them #and he can’t do that because he has to protect the universe and stay detached and nothing should cloud his vision #and Rose knows that because she knows him better than anyone so seeing that look on his face she says ‘it’s mum’s’ #and then that look of relief on his face is worth the lie #they only have two minutes and sometimes a lie is kinder than the truth
Well fuck you that’s heartbreaking