There have been a lot of rumours circulating the Teen Wolf fandom about a main character getting killed off in season 3b, and after the trailer for 3b was released, the fandom has been hit with tsunamis of worry that the one to die will be Stiles.

I’m here trying to quell some fears (my own included), and I am hoping beyond a hope that I am right.

If Stiles were to die in 3b, I would struggle to still watch the show, tbh, but I think that because there is so much that the writers could do with Stiles that he’ll be safe. I mean, he is the only “talentless” human character (bc lets face it Allison is pretty bombastic with that crossbow), but he’s the reseach guy,and we need him in order for the Sheriff to still actually be relevant.

Not to mention the whole back story with his mum and dad, which I feel is going to have something to do with the darkness being so bad for him specifically (he got panic attacks when his mum died, and is in perpetual fear of losing his dad). We still have lots to learn about him, and in future seasons, I think that his “recovery” from the darkness around his heart will be the most interesting.

Finally, he has the most connections with the characters, IMHO. He’s Scott’s best friend, and though him he’s got a connection with Allison (in season one they had that whole thing going on with passing messages back and forth). And then there is his dad, Melissa, and Agent McCall. Clearly he has a history with Scott’s dad, evident with how they interacted in season 3a, and he’s like a second son to Melissa (I think she’d have taken on a motherly role for him after Claudia passed, and he had his own key made for the McCall house).

Now obviously there is Peter. Peter has shown an interest in Stiles and was willing to give him the bite, and even told him (and gave us) a look into Derek’s back story. I’m sure that on Peter’s quest to once again be alpha (I AM THE ALPHA!!!) he will once again be trying to get Stiles to join his pack. With Aidan, he’

Of course there is Lydia, who he’s been in love with for forever (not one of my ships, but I’ll talk about it anyway). Stydia has a pretty solid fanbase, and clearly the show is nosing in that direction, and even if it remains a dream sequence or they never get together, Jeff is able to play around with them a lot because it’s been hinted at for the past 3 seasons.

And finally, we have Derek Hale. Now, I might be a bit prejudiced because I am an avid Sterek shipper, but I’ll try to look at this from an impartial angle. There has been no greater and more drastic development in character relationships than there has been with Derek and Stiles. I remember seeing a post not too long ago where in the beginning of season 3a, Derek is talking about how he needed all the help that he could get, and the look that he shared with Stiles hinted that over the summer, Stiles had been working with him to figure things out in the supernatural world. In my opinion, a lot of things seem to point this out, but I digress. Stiles stopped flinching away from Derek, he offered both physical and emotional support, and Derek began trusting Stiles a whole lot more (with the Darach, with Cora, you name it). Now, Derek has been away from Beacon Hills (and Stiles) for a little while, and there is still a whole lot of growth that can happen between them (I’m hoping for romantic, but I’ll settle for anything in a positive direction, really).

Because Stiles is Scott’s bff, and Derek and Scott will be in more brotherly roles, Stiles is going to have a whole lot more opportunity to get closer to Derek.

And I know that the writers love heaping twice boiled shit onto Derek’s life, but I really don’t think that they’d be cruel enough to take away the only person that he has managed to open up to in a long ass time.

So by killing off Stiles, the writers will be utterly destroying entire character back story possibilities and character arcs. They will be firing cannonballs and firebombs, and hell, releasing the freaking Kraken on and sinking multipleships.

Stiles said it himself; “To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how they’re gonna live the rest of their lives now without you in it?”

And that is why I do not believe that Stiles will be the one to die.