First of all, is anyone else contemplating why Allison’s hallucinations of Kate act up predominantly around Lydia?

It must have something to do with her banshee powers, but the magic which is obviously surrounding Lydia will be the death of her; what is causing Allison to continuously almost kill her?

And also, did you notice how when Mr. Tate started shouting at the dog it just shut up and ran to him? That there’s some werewolf shit.

The dad has got to have something to do with his family’s death and his daughter’s disappearance. I have a feeling that he never told his wife that he was a werewolf and it was a well kept secret, but he never knew that his daughter was a werewolf, too.

So imagine his surprise and absolute horror when Sheriff Stilinski came to his door telling him that there was a horrible accident, your family was in a car accident and it looks as though they have been ravaged by coyotes.

And maybe if he’d been honest with his family about his lycanthropy, he could have prevented their deaths.

Just some thing to think about. I’ll continue to ponder and then post some more conclusions once I’ve done some work tomorrow.