So I’m thinking about ways that Teen Wolf could possibly progress, and then I started dreaming up this little nugget, and I swear if it happens I will never stop crying.

What if the Void gets Derek and Stiles cornered up and Stiles gets really badly hurt before Derek manages to wound the Void and scare it off

And Stiles is just lying there, dying, gasping what are going to be his last breaths

And Derek knows it will never work but he tries giving him the Bite anyway but of course Stiles is still human and he’s still dying because Derek gave up the ability to save him when he gave up being an Alpha

So Derek apologizes for knocking his head into the steeringwheel and for shoving him against walls and for being away for so long and Stiles says his goodbyes to him and dies just as the words “I love you, sourwolf,” come out of his mouth and Derek says it right back but it’s too late, Stiles is already gone.

And as his heart stops beating, Derek’s starts breaking.