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I’ll admit it. In grade 9 I was the little shit who wondered why there was a black history month and not a white history month

But then I took history in grade 10 and it all made sense and I felt like a right knob because history class is basically 100% white history

So before you go thinking that white people are being oppressed go learn some shit like I did you ignorant fucking shitwipes

Have a good day

-Something I wrote probably 5 months ago, but it is much more relevant now.

I’m still appalled at myself for being that fucking idiot. This is why history classes need a reboot and actually teach kids more than just what white people did, and also what exactly oppression means and how people are affected by it.

We can’t keep letting children grow up ignorant of what is going on and what is so wrong with society, because they are growing up to be ignorant adults and the vicious cycle continues.