it’s simple.
i fall into you, you fall into me.
the world goes on.

stars explode behind my eyes each time
you deign to press your hand to mine
as if you haven’t even noticed that your skin’s a supernova.

i think you broke my “off” button.
because with you on my radar, i’m on, on, on.
eyes crinkled at the corners and mouth curved up
because i’m so far gone, i’m so far gone.
i look at your picture sometimes and sigh.

each morning i pour thoughts of you from my mind,
kiss the corners of your dog-eared pages
as i slide you back in place amongst the books
of selfish senselessness inside my bookshelf heart.
i’m not the kind of person you’re begging to remember.

my veins are your love letter, pressing close under my skin
as they call sweet songs for you. if you hadn’t yet realized,
your smile times my thoughtlessness
in tandem with my heartbeats.

it’s simple.
i fall into you and you fall away.
the world goes on.

i’m only lonely when i’m losing, r.k. (via dallisons)