Well, hello there. Welcome to our sexy blog ;)

We are Gems, Jazz and Q, and we are the administrators for this attractive blog of epicness.

A little about ourselves, you say? Why not, it’s not like we particularly care for our coursework. Kidding, we’re just part of Procrastination Nation.

I’m Gems, and I AM the Baroness of Bossington (clever, right?). I post the most out of the 3 of us sexy bitches, and I post anything and everything that I find. Like [insert sarcasm here] super-special stories about my super-special sister and other family things. I also make a lot of pictures on GIMP and Paint, like photo-manipulations and trolling. Even a few chibi things if I so choose, but they kind of suck…

I’m Jazz, the youngest of the 3, but only by a few weeks. Like the rest of us beautiful BAMFs I also feel the need to aviod work at any cost, but I tend to aviod it in other ways, so I will most likey post the least. I’ll do my best to post! I will also try to supply a weekly  rant, (coming soon to VHS and DVD). Ps Gems chibis roxmahsox…

I’m Q, and….k, I really have nothing creative planned :P idk…..I guess I’m human, and female, and in school…..oh how I despise school.  I’ll post the most random things.  Ummm….I like to draw, and photoshop stuff, so I’ll prolly post that, too.  Well, ttfn…



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your blog, girls!

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