Cool Pages

Wouldst though care to take a gander over to yonder pages of whimsical wonder?

If yes, here’s Paulus’s blog:

Q’s other blog:

And Anna’s blog:

If no, go look at our posts. They are the most epic of all things that have ever been kissed with sunlight and smiles.

5 thoughts on “Cool Pages”

  1. HEY, cool blog, if you don’t mind me asking how did you make the pics go into motion like the join us pic?

    • 3 Beautiful Bamfs said:

      Heya, thanks! You too!
      What we do is find GIFs that we like and then put them into the widgets just like any other picture using a link :)
      To make GIFs…. I’m not too sure, but Q does.

      • i didn’t know much about GIFs but am checking them out right now and if you can please ask Q to reply on how it works, I’ll really be grateful. Thanks.

        • 3 Beautiful Bamfs said:

          well basically what I do is I’ll use a software like gimp or Photoshop, but since gimp is more accessible (it’s free), here’s a video on how to go about doing it

          Now, if you have a video clip that you’de like to make into a gif, you’d go to gimp and click file > open as layers, and from there you can open the clip as, you guessed it, different layers. As mentioned in the previous video, these layers are all frames in the animation. From here you can add visual effects and whatnot.

          Hope this helped a bit.


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