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I can see why people see Stydia in this but honestly I see one sided Stydia and then Scydia. I mean it’s not like Lydia doesn’t want to see Aiden beating someone to a pulp (she hasn’t even seen him in god knows how long so I don’t think she’s got any lingering feelings, they weren’t that potent to begin with), she doesn’t want to see Scott being beaten to a pulp.

And yeah in the second gif she’s (kind of) grabbing Stiles’ hand, but he is shoving her away from the twins and what else is she going to grab on to as she’s stumbling from the push?

In the 3rd gif you can see her breath hitch in her throat and in the 4th she’s turning her whole body away from the fight. She really hates seeing Scott getting so hurt right now. And she’s grabbing onto Stiles’ arm in the 4th one for a sense of comfort and support through this, but I wouldn’t hasten to think that she is also doing so in support of Stiles himself because he is literally watching his best friend getting the teeth kicked out of him and not fighting back.